Allison Super Sport SS-2000

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Take the proven performance of the Allison Race Boats, add seating for up to four people, and make it ride like a big sport boat and what do you get? SuperSport in super fashion!! Designed and built to last a lifetime, the SuperSport utilizes our exclusive no-rot unibody composite construction. Only the finest materials: AME 4000 & 5000 Marine Resin, NPG gel coat, Kevlar, Biaxial fiberglass, and high density PVC foam are used to give the SuperSport lifetime structural integrity. All models have an exclusive aluminum or steel reinforced high-density PVC cored transom with stainless steel studs mounting an anodized aluminum jack plate. The composite floor has a unique low maintenance non-skid surface molded right in. The interior is all leather-grained texture with an automotive style dash and recessed instrument panel. All SuperSport models come with a trim switch built into the aluminum steering wheel. Standard battery cables allow front or rear installation of the battery for best weight distribution.

The SS2000 SuperSport, four years in the making, is designed to be the most efficient boat in the world. When powered by only a 90HP motor, this 20 footer accelerates to 60 MPH in 5 seconds and will run 70 MPH while riding like a much larger b oat and handling like a sports car. All this performance also comes with double to triple the gas mileage of other boats. No other boat even comes close to the SuperSport in speed, acceleration, rough water ride, handling, gas mileage, and overall durab ility. Ask for the thrill of a lifetime in a boat that will last a lifetime--the all new SuperSport!

To take advantage of this unbelievable efficiency in a boat hull, we have created three versions of the new SuperSport to satisfy everyone from the most serious boat racer with the SS2000-RACE, the weekend warrior with the COMP model, and for the qual ity conscious, efficiency minded sport boater, the EXCEL is the top of the line.

The single seat SS-2000-RACE is for those who want to go through the liquid quarter mile in front. With a unique aluminum reinforced transom, a competition center steer dash panel with racing steering, a ram air induction fairing, and lighter construction, this RACE model will take you where you want to be!

If you would rather be King of the River, the COMP model will give you the crown. The COMP is a RACE model built to carry two or three passengers. It’s competition center steer dash panel has dual opposing rack and pinion steering. A second bucket seat behind the driver can be exchanged for a bench seat. Under the low profile rear cowl is a 24 gallon tank for longer cruises. If you like to go fast and take your friends along too, SS-2000-COMP lets you race on Sunday and cruise Monday.

The SS-2000-Excel really excels in being the perfect personal sport boat especially with smaller engines. It’s efficient design makes the Excel the most versatile of all the SuperSports. If you want to go fast without the cost, weight, and gas consumption of a V-6 engine, the Excel is the right boat for you. Having a wider dash panel, the side steer package may be ordered on the Excel model, providing seating for 4 passengers. The Excel is the worlds fastest and most practical personal performance sport boat. If you select a V-6 engine, the Excel comes standard with center steering for optimum high speed balance and control. For even more versatility, an optional side-slide driver seat mount allows the driver to sit in the center for top speed balance, and within seconds slide to the right for side by side seating. The passenger bucket is mounted on a unique tilt and locking bracket which allows the seat to face forward or back. The back of the rear bench seat folds down to access the optional cooler. The bench seat and the passenger bucket seat is interchangeable. The Excel is also standard with full instrumentation, switch panel, navigation lights, bilge pump, windshield, 24 gallon tank, low profile rear cowl, glove box, and cup holders.

Specification :
Length overall - 20’ 2”
Centerline length - 18’ 9”
Beam - 86”
Molded depth - 35 1/2”
V-angle - 22 degrees
Fuel capacity - 24 gal.
Seating capacity
 RACE = 1   COMP = 2-3   Excel = 3-4
Approx. Weights
 RACE - 660-690 lbs   COMP-725-750 lbs    Excel 750 -800 lbs 

The SS-2000-Excel is designed to give the maximum efficiency regardless of the engine size. The Excel will actually approach equal speeds of other boats with only half the horsepower while using 1/3 to 1/2 the fuel. Engines of excessive weight are becoming more common as manufacturers strive to meet government environmental regulations. Holding engine weight to a minimum is a major consideration when choosing the right engine for the Excel. You can always control the speed of a large engine by using less throttle, but you cannot compensate for problems caused by excessive weight, a top heavy engine or any engine not equipped to run at the speeds the SuperSport is capable of. With the all new SS-2000-SuperSport Excel you will enjoy the economy, lightweight, and durability of a V-4 package with the performance of a V-6!

Allison Boats have no U. S. Coast Guard ratings for horsepower since all models are 20’ and over. Allison Boats do, however, make horsepower recommendations based on the phenomenal performance levels of the SuperSport and each engine’s design limitations to perform at such speeds. Safety is the most important consideration. The horsepower recommendation on the SuperSport is 70 to 130 except on the RACE model. The owner and/or driver assumes all responsibility in connection with the installation and operation of engines exceeding the recommendations. Warranties will be limited to recommended horsepower. Below are listed some attainable speeds with various engines. The higher speeds will require some modifications to the gearcases and proper attention to propellers, set-ups, and balance.

70HP-----55-60 MPH

90HP-----60-70 MPH

115HP---70-80 MPH

130HP---75-85 MPH

150HP SS---90-100 MPH

Speeds with the higher horsepower V-6 engines will be limited by gear case shape. The SuperSport is capable of much higher speeds than available gearcase shapes will allow. Stock Sportmaster gearcases, may be limited to 100 MPH with modifications be ing made. The smaller diameter (4 1/2”) gearcases will move the limits up considerably when properly shaped. The SuperSport will allow you to explore unfamiliar territory in the high speed world. Use extreme caution when attempting the higher speeds.

Experience the thrill of driving the world’s first ultra-performance personal sport boat.

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