Mercury Creates Fury with Latest Propeller

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (March 13, 2008) – Mercury Propellers, the world leader in propeller technology, introduces Fury – the fastest bass propeller on the market. For years, bass boaters have asked for a little extra something, and Mercury Propellers has responded with Fury.

Fury is cast from Mercury’s X7 Alloy™. According to Mercury engineers, X7 is 30 percent stronger and four times more durable than conventional stainless steel. This strength and durability enables Mercury Propellers to manufacture a prop with thinner blades and higher rake angles, creating unprecedented efficiency in all ranges of operation.

Fury is built to increase both acceleration and top speed; the large blade area produces a better hole shot, and the high-performance blade geometry creates better top speed.

In Mercury-conducted tests, Fury provided 20 percent better acceleration from zero to 20 mph and was one mph faster at top speed than conventional stainless steel props with the same pitch. Tests were conducted with a Triton TR-21X powered by a 225 OptiMax Pro XS.

“This is the ultimate bass propeller. Not only does it beat competitive product, sometimes by up to five miles per hour, but it beats our previous industry-leading Tempest by one mile per hour,” said Michael Shedivy, general manager of Mercury Propellers.

Fury offers not only faster top speed, but improved acceleration as well. “The Fury shows Mercury Propellers’ dedication to remaining the leader in high-performance propellers,” said Shedivy.

The X7 alloy offers a high-luster corrosion-resistant finish, making the prop a good fit for freshwater and saltwater applications. Fury is designed for 18-to-22-foot boats powered by outboards with 175 hp or higher. The prop fits Mercury engines, as well as competitive V6 outboard engine models.

Fury is available in 24-, 25- and 26-inch pitches.

Fury is manufactured in Mercury Marine’s award-winning foundry in Fond du Lac, Wis.