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The Power-Lift can improve the performance of virtually any type outboard. This unique outboard motor hydraulic lifting device works independently of your power trim and tilt to allow the boat-motor-prop combination to work at its maximum efficiency. The Power-Lift gives you the ability to adjust your motor down, for better out-of-hole shots or up for more top end speed, better fuel efficiency and more prop clearance in shallow water. With the touch of a switch the Power-Lift makes it easy to find that optimum height for any condition while underway at full speed! Ideal for ski, bass or work boats. In order for your outboard to perform at its full potential and efficiency, it should be adjusted to different heights at different speeds, water conditions and loads in your boat. The Power-Lift will put the motor back away from the transom 5-1/2 inches which allows the prop to run in "cleaner" water giving the prop a better "bite" and eliminating prop slippage.

Superior quality has made the Power-Lift the #1 selling transom jack in the world! We have been manufacturing top quality transom jacks longer than most of our competitors have been in business. No short cuts are taken at CMC. Computer aided design and precision machining of the Power-Lift is totally done at our facility so you can be sure to get the best quality transom jack at a very competitive price. The Power-Lift utilizes a totally waterproof 12 volt DC marine hydraulic system that is rated over 7800 pounds. More lifting capacity than any other transom jack on the market. It is 40% more powerful and much more dependable than electro-mechanical transom jacks on the market. The motor bracket moves up and down on a transom bracket by use of rollers machined from aluminum-bronze alloy. These rollers are highly impact resistant, corrosive resistant and have a high load carrying capacity. Thrust is eliminated by the stainless steel pin through this roller with a self lubricating non-metallic material (G.S.M. nylatron) used for thrust guides on either side of the rollers.

This feature eliminates any vibration or "shimmy" due to load applied from high-powered outboards. This patented design virtually eliminates any chance of binding, which is common with other transom jacks. Our most popular model, the PL-65 is rated for V-6 motors and smaller and gives you 5" of vertical travel. It can also be purchased with stainless steel motor rails, Model PL-65SS (for V-8 motors). Get the performance you deserve from your older rig and don't even consider a new rig without a CMC Power-Lift as an absolute part of your option package. Join the thousands of satisfied CMC Power-Lift users.


Electric/Hydraulic Transom Jacks (Power-Lift)
PL-65 (65001 with gauge)

Manual Transom Jacks (Power-Lift)
Manual ML-65 (#65012)
Manual ML-65SS (#65212)
Manual Two piece


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